Dell EMC PowerFlex v3.5.x REST API Reference Guide

The REST API is served from the PowerFlex Gateway (which includes the REST gateway). The PowerFlex Gateway can be installed on any operating system that is supported by PowerFlex for its core components (MDM/SDS/SDC/LIA/XCACHE). The PowerFlex Gateway connects to a single MDM and serves requests by querying the MDM and reformatting the answers it receives from the MDM in a RESTful manner, back to a REST client. The PowerFlex Gateway is stateless. It requires the MDM username and password for the login request. The login returns a token in the response, that is used for later authentications for other requests. Every PowerFlex SCLI command is also available in the PowerFlex REST API. The responses returned by the PowerFlex Gateway are formatted in JSON format.

The API is available as part of the PowerFlex Gateway package. If you used the PowerFlex Installer to install PowerFlex, the PowerFlex Gateway has already been installed and configured with the MDM details.

To install the PowerFlex Gateway manually, see the Deploy PowerFlex Guide.

Before you start using this API:
  1. If you installed the PowerFlex Gateway manually, ensure that the MDM connection properties are configured correctly in the PowerFlex Gateway configuration file. For more information, see Configuring connection properties in the PowerFlex Gateway. If the PowerFlex Installer was used to install PowerFlex, the PowerFlex Gateway is already configured, and no action is required.
    TIP: You can also run this test from the link in the PowerFlex Installer Maintenance Operation screen.
  2. Run a self-test to verify connectivity and correct configuration via a browser by navigating to the login page at this URL: https://<GATEWAY_IP_ADDRESS>/api/login. In addition, there is a link from the PowerFlex Gateway maintenance page (maintain.jsp) to the REST test page (rest.jsp).