Getting to Know Dell EMC PowerFlex v3.6.x

PowerFlex is an enterprise-class, software-defined block storage solution that is deployed, managed, and supported as a single system. Highly flexible and scalable, PowerFlex allows customers to mix two-layer (Server SAN), single-layer HCI, storage-only, and other mixed architectures within a single deployment.

With PowerFlex, resources such as storage and compute can be scaled together or separately, non-disruptively, and in small increments. The system can scale from just a few nodes to hundreds in a cluster, linearly scaling I/O performance and throughput. In addition, PowerFlex supports a broad set of operating environments that include multiple hypervisors, bare-metal operating systems, and container management tools. This allows customers to flexibly transition application architectures, while supporting multiple generations of applications with disparate architectures in a single system.

PowerFlex offers integrated product options. PowerFlex appliance is a scalable system with flexible form factors that comes pre-configured and validated for fast, easy deployment. PowerFlex rack is a rack-scale system that is manufactured, managed, supported, and sustained as one system for single-end-to-end lifecycle support.

PowerFlex Manager provides IT operations management for Dell EMCPowerFlex systems. It increases efficiency by reducing time-consuming manual tasks that are required to manage system operations. PowerFlex Manager can also be used to deploy and manage new and existing PowerFlex rack and PowerFlex appliance systems.