Product limits

The following table summarizes PowerFlex supported capabilities and system limits. The PowerFlex GUI is not backward compatible.

NOTE: The supported limits described might differ from system enforced limits in the list output of the scli --query_system_limits command.
Table 1. Supported capabilities and system limits
PowerFlex Item Limit
System raw capacity Up to 16 PB .
Device size Minimum: 240 GB, Maximum: 8 TB
Minimum number of SDSs in a Storage Pool 3
Minimum Storage Pool size 720 GB
Minimum devices (drives) per Storage Pool 3, one per Fault Unit
Volume size

Minimum: 8 GB, Maximum: 1 PB

Maximum total number of volumes and snapshots in system 131,072 1
Maximum total number of volumes and snapshots in Protection Domain 32,768
Maximum number of snapshots in a single V-Tree 126
Maximum raw capacity per Protection Domain 8 PB
Maximum raw capacity per SDS 128 TB
Maximum SDCs per system 1024
Maximum SDSs per system 512 a
SDSs per Protection Domain 128 a
Maximum devices (drives) per SDS server
NOTE: Includes NVDIMM and/or RFcache devices.
64 2
Maximum devices per Protection Domain 8192
Maximum devices per Storage Pool 300 a
Maximum acceleration devices of type RFcache (only one Acceleration Pool supported) 8 3, 4
Maximum acceleration devices of type NVDIMM (maximum supported in node) 6 c, d
Maximum volumes that can be mapped to a single SDC
  • ESXi 6.0 256
  • ESXi 6.5 512
  • ESXi 6.7, 7.0 1024

Other operating systems: 8192

Maximum Protection Domains per system 256
Maximum Storage Pools per system 1024
Maximum Storage Pools per Protection Domain 64
Maximum Fault Sets per Protection Domain 64 a
RMcache Minimum: 128 MB, Maximum: 300 GB
  • The RFcache feature is only supported by 512 Byte devices for the cache use case. RFcache is not supported on 4K devices used for cache. However, RFcache acceleration of 4K storage devices is supported.
  • RFcache capability is supported only on Linux Kernel versions lower than 5.x
Fine-Granularity maximum compression 10X of raw capacity
Maximum number of snapshots a Snapshot Policy can be defined to retain per V-Tree (not including locked snapshots) 60
Maximum Snapshot Policies per system 1000
Maximum user accounts 256 a
Maximum number of concurrent logged-in management clients (GUI/REST/CLI) 128
Maximum volumes that can be mapped via API (scli \REST\WebUI) concurrently 1024
Maximum number of configured syslog servers 16
Volumes per local Consistency Group (snapshot) 1024
Maximum number of volume to SDC mappings per system 262,143
SCSI-3 reservation type Write exclusive registrants only
Replication Limits
Number of destination systems for replication 1
Maximum number of SDR per system 128
Maximum number of Replication Consistency Group (RCG) 1024
Maximum replication pairs in RCG with initial copy 1024
Maximum number of Volume Pairs per RCG 1024
Maximum Volume Pairs per system 32,000
Maximum number of remote Protection Domains 8
Maximum number of copies per RCG 1
Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Minimum: 15 seconds, Maximum: 1 hour
Maximum replicated volume size 64 TB
Table 2. Deployment and NDU Limits
PowerFlex Item Limit
Minimum latency for MDM network 200 msec
SDS IP addresses Must be unique. For example, must not be used, as it refers to several machines
vSphere PowerFlex plug-in
RFcache capability is supported only on Linux Kernel versions lower than 5.X. For example, supported RHEL versions:
  • RHEL 8.X Kernel Base: 4.18.0
  • RHEL 7.X Kernel Base: 3.10.0
1 If more are needed, contact Customer Support.
2 On a VMware server, the maximum devices per SDS is 59.
3 An Acceleration Pool can serve multiple Storage Pools, but a single Storage Pool can't use multiple Acceleration Pools.
4 An acceleration device may serve multiple SDS devices, but SDS devices can't span across multiple acceleration devices.