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Vblock System
Vblock Systems seamlessly integrate best-in-class compute, network, and storage, and virtualization technologies. Vblock Systems provide dynamic pools of resources that can be intelligently provisioned and managed to address changing demands and business opportunities.
Vscale Architecture
An architectural framework that provides a backplane for data center systems using a Vscale Fabric to connect modular components, such as Converged Systems and Vscale Fabric Technology Extensions, to resources.
Vscale Border Technology Connect
Provides external access to the Vscale Architecture as a specialized function within the Vscale Fabric.
Vscale Fabric
Contains the Vscale LAN and SAN Fabrics that connect modular components to resources. Vscale Fabric incorporates a scalable spine/leaf LAN architecture with optional software-defined networking (SDN), and an access or core architecture for the SAN.
Vscale Fabric Technology Extensions
Modular containers that provide connectivity for compute, storage, and data protection resources. Other resources attached to the Vscale Fabric can consume those resources.
Vscale Open Technology Connect
Contains third-party, non-Dell EMC resources that are provided to the Vscale Architecture.
A VM that manages the virtual Ethernet modules and is installed on the Advanced Management Platform (AMP) and is part of the Cisco Nexus 1000V Switches.
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VxBlock Central
A management application that allows you to manage and monitor Converged Systems.
VxBlock Central Lifecycle Management
A management application that enables inventory management for all Converged System components. This feature is integrated with CloudIQ, which enables you to monitor and analyze the inventories.
VxBlock Central Operations
An application that works with VMware vRealize Operations (vROPs) Manager to monitor the health and collect metrics on Converged Systems.
VxBlock Central Orchestration Services
An application that provides the health of critical back-end services, manages credentials and firmware, configures the network, and collects log files.
VxBlock Central Orchestration Workflows
Applications in the Dell EMC library of workflows in VMware vRealize Orchestrator, which automates compute, storage, and networking tasks.
VxBlock Central Workflow Automation

An application that automates and performs daily provisioning tasks through integration with VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO). Workflow Automation provides the following features:

  • VxBlock Central Orchestration Services

  • VxBlock Central Orchestration Workflows

VxBlock Systems
VxBlock Systems offer increased flexibility, including the choice of VMware VDS and VMware NSX virtualization. VxBlock Systems are engineered to exacting specifications for the highest levels of availability, performance, and operational efficiency.
VxBlock and Vblock Systems 240
VxBlock and Vblock System 240 provide the capacity, workload, and storage to meet the needs of midsize data centers and distributed enterprise remote offices. The VxBlock and Vblock Systems 200 series have predefined, variable configurations.
VxBlock and Vblock Systems 340
VxBlock and Vblock System 340 enable enterprises and service providers to support many VMs, users, and applications.
VxBlock and Vblock Systems 540 have defined scalability points that meet the higher performance and availability requirements of enterprise business-critical applications.
Vblock and VxBlock Systems 740
The Vblock and VxBlock Systems 740 are for enterprises and service providers that have demanding IT environments with workloads and SLAs that run thousands of virtual machines and virtual desktops.
VxBlock System 1000
A flexible, scalable, and expandable Converged System. The VxBlock System 1000 can mix and pool different types of storage, Cisco UCS Blade and Rack servers, and Integrated Data Protection options. VxBlock 1000 supports a centralized multisystem management platform for up to eight VxBlock Systems.
VxRail Appliance
A hyperconverged infrastructure appliance that runs on VMware HyperConverged Software (VMware HCS). Each VxRail Appliance supports four vSphere nodes and offers the power of a whole SAN in two RUs.