Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL)
Repeatable and measurable process that enables Dell EMC to meet customer expectations by:
  • Ensuring that Dell EMC product engineering organizations apply security controls during the product development life cycle.
  • Enables product groups to assume accountability for the security of the products they ship
  • Assisting customers in understanding and assessing overall security posture of the product
Security and Compliance suite
Storage software for Converged Systems that ensures that data is safe from changes, deletions, and malicious activity.
separated network architecture
Separates LAN and SAN connectivity into two switches within a Converged System. LAN switching uses the Cisco Nexus switch and SAN switching uses the Cisco MDS switch. See also unified network architecture.
Shared Management Platform
A specialized configuration of a standard Converged System that is used as a single point of management for multiple Converged Systems.
Software Defined Storage
Computer data storage software created to manage policy-based provisioning and management of data storage independent of the underlying hardware which is storing the data.
storage layer
Layer in the Converged System that contains the storage components.
storage subsystem
Main component of a Converged System storage solution that stores all production data and the configuration database of the storage system. In a unified storage solution, X-Blades do not contain a hard drive and the backend storage provides disk space for the NAS code. The backend storage for a unified storage system must be a CLARiiON or VNX.
Support service descriptions
Customers can choose from the following service tiers:
  • Core Support - A foundational, integrated level of support that is standard on all Converged Systems.
  • Plus Support - An enhanced, higher-touch support option with proactive deliverables and capabilities across the Converged Systems installed base.
  • Premier Support - A customer-centric, strategic support relationship for the installed base of Converged Systems.