chassis activation kit (CAK)
Software license that enables additional fabric interconnect ports. For some Vblock Systems and VxBlock Systems, cabinets are shipped with the first two blade chassis licensed. As more blades are added and additional chassis are required, chassis activation kits are automatically added.
compliance report
Summarized results of a compliance scan.
compliance report score
Level of compliance to an established benchmark reported by running a compliance scan of the Converged System.
compliance scan
Scan that compares the firmware and software versions running on the components of the Converged System to the versions defined in the selected profile within the benchmark. Used in VxBlock Central.
Converged System
Hardware and software components that are integrated as one unit of data center infrastructure. Dell EMC manufactures Converged Systems.
Converged Technology Extension for Cisco UCS compute
The technology extension for Cisco UCS servers expands an existing Converged System by adding Cisco UCS C-series servers to the compute domain. These servers provide additional resources and server configurations for Converged Systems to support hardware-optimized configurations for specific workloads and applications.
Converged Technology Extension for Isilon storage
The technology extension optimizes storage capacity, performance, and data capacity to help customers address the unprecedented growth in unstructured data. This Converged Technology Extension is a NAS scale-out solution that optimizes scale-out data storage requirements as part of a Converged System.
Converged Technology Extension for storage
Homogenous or heterogeneous scale-out solutions for the Converged Systems. Each technology extension storage is available with Dell EMC Unity, VNX, XtremIO, or VMAX storage.
Core management workload
Minimum set of required management software and support resources to install, operate, and support a Converged System. Management software includes hypervisor management, element managers, virtual networking components, andVxBlock Central.